With offices located in South Africa, Kenia, Nigeria and Dubai, and with successful services to the hospitality market since 2004, Communiverse is rightfully the ideal partner to supply any IT solution to the hospitality industry.

Communiverse is a company with excellent experience in the hospitality market; providing state of the art technology and continuous support to a highly respectable client base. In a time where IT development grows very fast and guest experience with IT is a vital factor for success and satisfaction, leading hotels and brands are in need of a partner, who is a leader in innovation, upholding the requirements before even stipulated and having the capability to provide sustainable solutions and reliable assistance.

Communiverse is approved to deploy, survey and integrate HoistGroup products, and is proud to present herewith a consistent solution including all technology that is required for a radiant IT experience for Hotel and guest.

Communiverse has done successful installations since 2004 at a number of hotel clients.